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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Eleanor PatrickEleanor Patrick
Passed First Time
Barry has been an absolute star with teaching me how to drive. As someone who has struggled with anxiety plus a very bad experience with a previous driving instructor, Barry has been instrumental in helping me to progress to become a qualified driver. He has a calm, patient approach and is thorough in his teaching, where I not only learnt to pass my test but to drive confidently as well. His professionalism and attention to detail is meticulous and he will always do his utmost to accommodate lesson times and days. In the field of driving instructors, Barry has to be one of the best and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others. I cannot thank you enough Barry for all that you have done for me.

Ben SheffieldBen Sheffield
Passed First Time
I am very glad I picked Barry as my driving instructor. He has been patient with me in my lessons when I was getting stuff wrong and he always knew how to correct me in a nice way. He has informative instructions that always help. At the beginning of the lessons I was always quite nervous for driving but after all my lessons I am now much more confident thanks to the way Barry has taught me. I found the structured approach using a book to plan for every lesson very useful as it helped me know what to focus on in each lesson. I would highly recommend Barry to anyone wanting to learn. Many thanks Barry!!

Laurie ScottLaurie Scott
Freedom at last.
Barry has been a fantastic instructor. He's pushed me to improve, whilst remaining calm and understood where I was finding things difficult, his patient approach has helped me so much. After having a negative experience with a previous instructor Barry was exactly what I needed to become a safe, confident driver that lead to me at last passing my driving test. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Sam ProuseSam Prouse
I done it!!
Since starting with Barry, my driving has improved tremendously. I used to be a nervous, frantic driver with little idea of the roads around me. Barry has helped me develop confidence and skills to take with me out on the roads wherever I go now and completely transformed my driving! Thank you once again Barry.

Joe LeverJoe Lever
Freedom at last.
"I am very pleased with the experience I have had learning with Barry. He has been patient, understanding and informative as a driving instructor. He has a structured approach which helped me to pass my driving test and I liked that Barry allowed me to feedback areas which I was struggling with to help me get more out of my lessons. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor."

Alex FearonAlex Fearon
Passed First Time
Barry was an amazing instructor. I had booked my test before starting any lessons and he was very helpful in putting together a plan of lessons to fit that time frame. I was sick for 3 weeks and started a college course yet Barry was kind enough to change his schedule to work around that limitation and still ensure that I had all the right lessons and tuition, so everything was covered in time. It obviously worked as I passed first time! Barry has the right balance of seriousness and fun to keep the lessons interesting, which made driving really enjoyable. I would highly recommend Barry to anyone looking for a great and reliable driving instructor.

Lauren MorgansLauren Morgans
First Time Pass
Barry’s calm and kind approach helped me to settle in and look forward to lessons. He showed commitment and enthusiasm, which helped me turn from a very anxious driver to a much more confident and calm one who made great progress and looked forward to lessons. The discussions before and after lessons helped me reflect on what had gone well and what I still needed to work on. I found the online resources very helpful in preparing for both the theory and practical tests. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Barry so much.

Amelie HaskinsAmelie Haskins
Passed First Time
Barry is an incredible teacher, he is very calm, and patient and he will always encourage you to try your very best. At the start of my lessons, Barry would always ask what I wanted to do and if there was anything I felt I needed to work on, because of this I would come back from every lesson feeling accomplished and feeling confident in myself and my driving. Barry pushed me to be the best I can be and I can't thank him enough for that. On the day of my test, Barry took me on a little drive before my test to try and calm my nerves and to help me feel a bit more relaxed, he would always hype me up and make me laugh and to this day I think that’s what helped me to pass first time. I highly recommend learning to drive with Barry 10/10!

Tommy HoganTommy Hogan
Passed First Time
I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. His strict teaching enabled me to understand the seriousness of driving and to be safe at all time as well as his natural kindness allowed me to see how much fun it is to drive. I could say I was lucky to pass first time but I believe that Barry's dedication and passion to my lessons helped a lot, he puts everything into his work to help his students be the best they can and to keep their wheels moving. I am truly grateful for his help and I would not hesitate to recommend Barry to every person that is wanting to learn how to drive.

Naomi BlinkNaomi Blink
I done it!!
I'd like to take the time to thank you on helping me pass my driving test today. Since my last test I have had only 8 lessons with you, you've managed to turn me from an unconfident driver to a very confident driver and person, who has just passed her test with only 1 driving fault. You teach with kindness and respect and made me feel really comfortable learning. I'm so glad I choose you as my instructor and I know anyone who has the pleasure of being taught by you will enjoy their time whilst learning how to drive. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs an instructor. Thank you again for everything.

Taylor DensleyTaylor Densley
Freedom at last.
Over the last couple of months I have had a very good experience learning to drive with Barry, he has helped so much and as such I passed my test recently. I have had some very bad experiences with driving instructors in which I believed I was being used for the money rather than being taught in the best way possible. After 7 months of waiting I was recommended to use Barry after my friend had just passed her test with him. He has been such a good supporter and really believed in me all throughout my driving experience. It will be really sad to think that the lessons are over now but couldn't recommend him enough, he has really made my confidence grow!!!!

James CookJames Cook
Passed First Time
Hi Barry I would just like to thank you for the amazing driving lessons you have given me on my journey to passing my test today. Along with all the patience and support you have shown in the process, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to drive no where near the level I can now. Top man and top Lessons.  Many thanks again.

Kye BatemanKye Bateman
Freedom at long last.
Freedom at long last - Past 2nd time with only 4 minors. I went from instructor to instructor with having no luck. Then I went to Barry and I could see how quickly my skills were developing. Barry is very friendly and great to have driving lessons with. He’s calm, patient and very encouraging - I highly recommend Thank you Barry so much 🙏

Maddie ElliottMaddie Elliott
Freedom at last.
Learning to drive with Barry has been great. I was nervous to start, but I always felt comfortable and safe, and gained confidence quickly with Barry's help. I found him to be extremely patient and encouraging, and would highly recommend him to anyone! - Thank you Barry :)

Jay HorswellJay Horswell
Passed First Time
I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Barry. The LDC System is highly recommended. I was very nervous to start driving but Barry has helped me so much to gain my confidence, he is calm and patient an very encouraging I can't thank him enough.

Hugo MeunierHugo Meunier
Freedom at last.
I am absolutely delighted to have a pass result this week. With all the lessons and professional, methodical training I received from Barry Hadfield my LDC Driving Instructor. I would highly recommend Barry whom I found via a local search after having a couple of lessons elsewhere which I was not comfortable or happy with the content of instruction or training received. Thank goodness Barry’s contact details came up after day 1 there was no doubt in my mind the investment was worthwhile. Many thanks to Barry. Hugo Meunier - Kingswood GL12

Cass ReedCass Reed
I found learning to drive with Barry an enjoyable and informative experience. He has a very pleasant, friendly demeanour that made me feel relaxed while I was practicing. As we progressed through our lessons and I got to know Barry better, it started to feel like I was practicing with a friend, which made me feel very at ease. He always had a good sense at what level I was at and pushed me accordingly. I never thought I would learn to drive and now I can - thanks Barry! 

Abigail WalkerAbigail Walker
Passed First Time
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Barry. As someone with dyslexia and dyspraxia I was initially worried about learning to drive. However, Barry quickly put me and at ease and we took lessons at a pace that really suited me and my learning style. By the day of my test I felt confident, at ease and ready to go, I was so thrilled to pass first time! I would recommend learning to drive with Barry. 10/10

Katie LuggKatie Lugg
Zero Fault Pass
I had a great time learning how to drive with Barry. He was friendly and had a very methodical approach to teaching which I found very helpful. My lessons were always structured very well, I always knew what I would be doing on my lessons and he always made time to talk about what went well and where there was room for improvement which helped plan towards future lessons. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Barry.

Krishna Krishna
Testing: Passed - At last
I had a very good experience with Barry as my driving instructor. He is an excellent teacher - calm, patient and has a conversation about the drive before and after each session. He helped me to identify the areas that I needed to improve and tailored each session to develop those skills. He starts pushing your limits once he recognises your potential and that helped me gain confidence in my driving skills. I would definitely recommend Barry to anybody who wants to learn how to drive! 

Beckii ParnhamBeckii Parnham
Passed First Time
I switched to Barry after I had already booked a test but he squeezed me in for two lessons a week giving me plenty of time to get up to test standard. Right from the start I could tell he really cared about helping me become a confident safe driver. He was calm, patient and encouraging whenever I doubted myself. The LDC system helped me engage with my own learning process and keep track of my progress. I can thank Barry's kind, personable approach and LDC's system for my first time pass!

Ben BradyBen Brady
Passed First Time
After starting with my first driving instructor, I was put off driving finding it too stressful and frustrating. A short time after switching to Barry I could see my skills hastily improve with each lesson. Barry's skill of knowing how you're feeling and what you are capable of makes you feel at ease during your lesson, this helps you pick up the skills you need to pass quicker than you could imagine you will. I cannot stress enough how much I would advise Barry as anyone's choice of driving instructor, If I had to do it again I would make the same decision of swapping to Barry. 10/10

Alex HoyleAlex Hoyle
Barry takes the time to tailor lessons to your strengths and weaknesses. He never feels like he is rushing you, but also doesn't hold you back if you are test ready. He is patient and calm, and instils you with confidence in your driving. I would thoroughly recommend learning to drive with Barry

Ellie ClarkEllie Clark
Passed 1st time
Barry was incredible at teaching me to drive and I cannot thank him enough for how much he has helped me. I found the LDC workbook really useful as it helped me keep track of my progress, reflect on what I had learnt and plan each lesson in advance. I was really nervous to start learning, but from lesson one Barry helped me to feel calm and build up my confidence. One thing that really stood out for me about Barry, is that he went above and beyond for me. He was very accommodating and offered to take me out for lessons early in the morning since my test was at 8:00am. Because of his patience and support, I passed first time and I would highly recommend Barry as an instructor to all my family and friends. Absolutely 10/10, thankyou Barry